Our Story



Hi everyone! My name is Madisyn, and I am the owner of East Coast Fashion. I am so very excited to be starting this new journey! 


A little bit about myself is that I am 19, I love sunsets, the moon, God, and his beautiful creations. I have always had a desire to spread love and positivity in the world. 


I never knew what Gods calling was for me. I’ve tried throughout the past 4 years to get involved with missionaries, YoungLife, and babysitting to see where God wanted me. One night before bed I had a vision of a clothing brand that I created. I then wrote everything that I was thinking down in my notes before I forgot it the morning after. The next day I sold my pitch to my stepdad, and he thought it was a good idea. Since then, I have been creating designs nonstop and I have been doing everything that I can to make my dream come true. I don’t know if this is Gods calling for me but if it is, I am going to pursue it like crazy. 


I appreciate all support that is given to me, and I can’t wait to start this journey with all of you! I am constantly working on new designs for you all to enjoy. Thank you all for the support.